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Only day 8, and already no blue target, and just few red… boring…  :pale2:

EZ-SRWO General Discussion / Re: EZ-SRWO : Season 30 Announcement
« on: October 02, 2014, 08:04:09 AM »
Shurouga has only one 3A pilot and no 2A ?

EZ-SRWO General Discussion / Re: EZ-SRWO Season 29 : AFTERIMAGE Talk
« on: July 12, 2014, 10:01:18 PM »
I need targets !!!   :ah: :wall:
boring…  :pale2:

EZ-SRWO General Discussion / Re: แปะ Stat SS 28
« on: June 30, 2014, 12:21:30 AM »

What happens this season ?
I don't understand, game was never so boring as this season…
No targets, no acres… Did you see top 20 ? 2000 acres, it's just a joke… usually, TOP 3 is 15000 acres, 4-10 is between 8 and 11000, 11-20 is 4 to 7000 acres, top 30/50 is 2500 to 3000 acres…
Why is there so few players ? So few acres ? So few fun ?

I think It very difficult. Even google translate or other language tool cannot translate whole Thai paragraph (Thai to English nearly can not understand) because normally Thai  people do not use proper Thai grammar when they type Thai language and It very hard for foreigner to understand .  :fear:

Sorry for my bad English T_T
your english is good enough for me :p
yes i've seen google translate was not a good idea… i've tried several times but… i understood nothing !
thank's to you and Corale ^^

damn… is thaï language difficult to learn ?  :hehe:

I'm thinking of putting Haro back into the game. Screamers, you have any suggestion on my idea? I should just leave it as of now for this season, or adding it right away for the late starter??
i know your ideas are often good, i trust you whatever you chose, if it's your own idea.
Adding it now for late starters would be a nice idea, specialy if there is a new bot added to the game 1 june ;)
But, i see the ranking, and there is very very few cities with slots available at the moment… and very few acres !
I'm surprised to see so few cities with more than 3K acres… and if early game robots don't have 3K acres or more at the moment, if they don't have more acres than mid or late game robots, it's a problem for late game for them… and that, it's not the fault of the haros !

EZ-SRWO Robot Design / Re: Shurouga บลาๆๆๆ
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:24:03 PM »
Evolutions are not always to have a better bot, sometimes it's fun to have a challenge, to have a new pic, new skill, even if it's just a bonus on HP, speed, armor… ^^
Sometimes, just to have an different way of playing the bot, upgrading differently.
For exemple this one would be played in clo weapon only, or upgrade far only. An evolution could be possible in that way, don't you think ?

EZ-SRWO Robot Design / Re: Garmraid
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:21:42 PM »
I understand that (even if form S is not higher damage from attacks : same attacks - Execution Raid  = Trinity Dead End  and Lightning Spin Edge = TE Sphere Breaker, and pilot with attack 2 is for form G, attack 1 for form S, so form G is higher damage), but i told about that :
Robot skill : TE Field reduce damage taken by 1500 + 3% of Maximum Hp Activate when Morale 120 or more
I understand it for form G : the bot is bigger, lower, in a way it makes sens to have a skill like that.
But form S is just faster than Garmraid, with same HP and lower armor. So it has to have a robot skill more close to its abilities, no ? Means not in a way to reduce damages (like form G), but more in a way to increase its, or improve its accuracy/esquive.

I don't know if i'm really understandable…

EZ-SRWO Robot Design / Re: Shurouga บลาๆๆๆ
« on: May 20, 2014, 05:35:41 PM »
i like it ;)
But no evolution needed ?

EZ-SRWO Robot Design / Re: AV-98 Ingram
« on: May 20, 2014, 05:31:12 PM »
100 turns en 1000000 for evolve to win +8hp/upgrade and +7armor/upgrade… and +3/+10 ammos, it's really really expensive   :wink:

I think either Love for this kind of robot (bine like) one-shootable is useless… +awaken or wall with evolution may be usefull  :up:

EZ-SRWO Robot Design / Re: Garmraid
« on: May 20, 2014, 05:25:42 PM »
I like it ^^

but… why form S and form G have same Robot skill ?

I understand skill for form G : more HP, more armor, less speed
But not for form S : same HP, low armore, more speed

So, the robot skill style "damages taken reduced" is logic for form G (bigger robot), but not for form S (lighter robot)

One last thing is, I think that I'm too generous and try to please players too much. Maybe I should just do it the way I think it's best so that I don't have to have a headache like what it is now.
Thank's for your message big boss ;)

I agree with you, you're too generous, and sometimes trying to please some players, you may deserve the game.

I really don't understand why some players are against haros.
The balance early/late game robots is not an excuse, as i told, why don't they check top 10 of the 10 last seasons ? Except some luckers, there is less than 10% late game robots. Did really haros make game easier for late game robots ? So where are they in top rank ?

If you disagree with them about haros Vincent, why didn't you just say "you're wrong, they don't unbalanced the game, it's a fact".
I think you had a great idea with haros, idea good for the slots, good for the late starts. And you balanced them well, not too easy, not too powerfull, they didn't made game too easy for late game robots either late start. They just made game possible.

Only 19 days played for season 28, and it's already finish for me… it will be a long time to wait for season 29  :(

Luckers don't need haro to climb up ^^
A city able to luck haros will be able to luck others, in low range. Even if they attack haros, it's good for everybody. Low ranges don't lost extra acres... and there is more targets for everyone.

At the end of the season, a lucker who attacks a haro can fight for top rank. You can be top rank if you attack robots with 1800 acres instead of 5000 or 10000 acres. And, with or without haros for the mid game, physalis or SFG will clim up.
And for others late game bots, as i told you, where were they when they were haros ? Nowhere, just because haros don't unbalanced early and late game.

I told you my story.
I started a new city, number # more than 500.
My start (acres, ratio, upgrades) was good at the begining.
After few days, i lost often because cities with #350-400 defeat me because of their SP and 1000 more turns played than me.
After few more days, i lost because cities with #250-350 defeat me because of their SP and 2000 more turns played than me.
Now, i will not be able to evolve because of that. Because low SP. Because no targets. Haros would be able to change a little that. They wouldn't be able to make me stronger than i am, be they would have been able to make possible a late start.
Now, i'm 53% ratio instead of 60, i have 3000 turns used and i can attack :
counter-attacks and 4 cities on top 20 with 5500 turns able. Nice  :up:
What can i do ? Do you really think i will recover my last 2500 last turns for this season ? No…
The only thing i want to do, now, is to delet because it's not possible to make a late start if you don't play a lucker.
I already have made one recovery, i regret it, i lost my money for nothing :-/ …
And why ?  Just because some have made a wrong analysis of the game because haros don't unbalanced early/late game robots.
With haros, my ratio would be better, my sp would be better, i would have a chance vs weak robots with 2000 turns played more than me, i probably would recover the others 1500 turns wasted.
But if it's unbalanced for a late start to climb up, don't allow recovery turns, or don't make them paying and we'll be happy to be top 100 with 50% ratio.

So, if i understand well, you agree with me haro wasn't a problem but a solution ?

last seeson there isn't R1 around top. my R1 is only rank30th-40th :fear:
last seasonS ^^
S26, top 8 Another Dimension
But the point is, there is always 80% good starters in top 10 at the end of seasons.
Even with haros, there is no (or few) comV, daitarn, raideen…
so i don't understand why some people said "haro unbalanced early game robots and late game robots". There are proofs they are wrong. ;)

some players complained that haro bring too much acres in the game causing no differences from early game robot and late game robot
It's like you can play late game robot so much easier and those bots can bring down all the early game bots and average acres had been delivered from lower cities to top cities like 1-2 last season you can see some late game bots with high cities number bring down some early games bot with not much different upgrades because free win from haro (at most)

In here there is discussion about how can we nerf haro to balance the game but, no matter how much we generate the good ideas but in the end the admin and their teams had a lot of things to code and nerfing
they have so little time to do we should respect them that they try their best to improve the game, but sadly you can't satisfy all players who think differently :wall:
Thank's for your answer :)
But i don't agree with those complaining that it's easier with haro for late game robots.
Is there lot's of ComV, Daitarn, Raideen, shining in top rank ?
No, look top 10 of the last seasons, quite only early or mid game robots (burai, eva, guren, dragonner, cyb, temjin, granzon, R1…). Where are thoses late game robots which had to have life easier because of the haro ? ;)

Haro are quite hard for late game robots, because they are S, and with no SP, no rush, they can't defeat them easily.

I don't think haro was the problem, but some behaviors are. ;)
When i've seen, last seasons, some Top 15 players (with early or mid game robots) attacking haros with 1200 acres instead of players, that's, for me, is a problem. They would be able to defeat players, but they prefered to attack haro because it was easier for them… it's a shame, it's a bad choice, and after they complain :-/

There is sadly no english messages but… why no haro this season ?
There is no slot… well, i'm top 100, and 0/7 attack and now, if i want to attack someone… there is 12 red cities, from top 15 to top 74… sorry but, how can we play this way ? :-/

It's written : If you intend to lose the battle, it is considered ruining the game
So, i can't make any battle ? Because i can't win against all those cities… it's a problem.
Why there is no haro this time ? It's a damn problem, i don't want to check battle histories and have an alarm to find someone to attack… :(

CB wins not because they are more, black knights have almost twice number of TB players. But you lose because of lower level on the Research. I'll give you this data

Total lv team 1 = 532;
Total lv team 2 = 813;
Total player team 1 = 44;
Total player team 2 =82;
Avg Research Lv for Team 1 = 12.090909090909;
Avg Research Lv for Team 2 = 9.9146341463415;
Lv boss Team 1 = 34.623966942149;
Lv boss Team 2 = 15.234681737061;

Team 1 is CB and Team 2 is black knights. You can ask people on the other team that your team's boss has a lot less HP. Ikaruga has only 65k hp while Ptolemy has 83k HP. This is the real reason you lose. Being on the team with less ppl will give you higher chance to win. And these numbers are recalculated each round so that both team has chance to win, it's not always dominated by one side as you mentioned. Moreover, even your team sucks, it's only effect 20% of your TB score in that round. If you raise your research LV high, you still gain more points. This is your own hard work that your team can't ruin it.
Ok, i understand ! Thanks for your answer :)
It's different than i thought  :up:

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